Asher and Diana Wedding Videography by Vivid Sight Production

 As the desert sun set over a late-Spring day, family and guests gathered to celebrate the union of Asher and Diana.
But, in fact, the lasting memories began not long after that sun had risen that day.While makeup artists added slight finishing touches to Diana’s natural beauty, Vivid Sight Productions captured every smile, every twinkle of the eye, and every positive hope for the future by providing 3 videographers in order to create an amazing wedding film.

 Diana’s flowing white gown and bouquet of crisp, white roses seamlessly complemented the black-and-white chessboard tile floor of the venue.The ceremony and reception were held at Meet Las Vegas. While Asher anxiously waited to meet his soon-to-be bride, a slight tremble of the hand was visible.
A nervous but keen expression spread across his face. When, at last, Diana announced her presence, their eyes met, and their happiness lit up the room like a thousand lamps; their impending union heralding a brilliant new chapter in their lives.
A soft purple glow illuminated the ceremony itself. As family and friends danced together and enjoyed themselves, an atmosphere of hope and possibility was present in the room. And as the newlyweds exited into the darkness of the night, it was clear to all that their life together would be nothing short of enchanted.
We are grateful to be selected to provide wedding videography for this amazing couple and we happy to share their wedding film with you.