Frances and Anthony’s Wedding Video in Las Vegas

 Few are those who have the courage of sincerely expressing their feelings towards one another, as they believe there are other, more important matters to be taken care of within a relationship. The highlights of Frances and Anthony’s wedding remind us all of the importance of feelings, loyalty and sincerity when committing to stand by the side of your loved one for the rest of your natural life. In the agitation and commotion of the ever moving city of lights, Las Vegas, there is an oasis where time has stopped, allowing the couple, along with their loved ones, to mark this day as one of the most important in their life. Nothing can disturb the happiness, determination and love which every gaze, touch and smile that Anthony or Frances reflect in every moment of them being together.Please don't hesitate to 
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 Held at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and immortalized by the cinematographic artfulness of Vivid Sight Production, the religious ceremony is one that the two will not easily forget. Completely absorbed and aware of the importance of the union, they participated wholeheartedly and meant a lot more than their vows allowed to be said. At the same time, they expressed their commitment in a manner that could not hide their emotions or disguise the determination behind them. In that moment, a love lasting ever since the innocent and distant years of school was honored in front of God. Their religious union was the point that marked the transcendence of the love they share, as well as the bond they have so arduously built together. It is no triviality to have such strong feelings in a world as unforgiving and as cruel as the one of today, but with dedication, loyalty and honesty the few which are only the most important, remain together and close to each other.

The Vivid Sight Production team is honored to have had the possibility of participating to these unique moments. We have tried our best to embed in the cinematography highlights the emotion we felt ourselves, along with the honest love which has brought two families together in happiness and celebration. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish Frances and Anthony a long lasting marriage and life, at the same time requesting their loved ones, who have been present and close to them on this special day, never to cease to appreciate the special bond these two share. 

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