Jared and Candace Wedding Day Highlights by Vivid Sight Production

The sun rises above the golden sand, marking not only the start of a new day, but of a new life for Jarod and Candace, built on the foundation of the courage and feelings they share. A wedding day is a unique moment for loved ones to share and declare their feelings to one another in front of the world and all the vicissitudes of life. And this was definitely the case for Jarod and Candace, as all their loved ones gathered to share in their emotions and happiness. 

Full with emotions, tears of happiness and lots of fun the wedding was a true celebration, with most supporting friends and family. Vivid Sight Production was honored to provide Photography and Videography service for their wedding day. We are happy to  Share this video with you.



As Candace is being walked down the aisle by her father, she takes her first steps into a love that will bind her and Jared together. Everything except for their glances fades away and time is now being measured in trembling breaths of excitement. All of the preparations, decisions, arrangements and plans have led to this moment in which both lovers want nothing more than to start building their own life, as wedded hearts.

Pounding heartbeats and sly smiles show just how much emotion and eagerness there is to be found in this gathering of close ones. Nobody wants anything else but to see the newlyweds following their hearts and each participant marks their support and best wishes by passing the rings to one another and symbolically engraving their feelings onto them.

Two destinies are joined, two lives become one and one’s heart completes the other as they kiss and are declared husband and wife, in front of God, friends and fate. They dance their way into this new life to signify the transitoriness of worldly things as opposite to the union that has been celebrated this day.

Later in the day, their love is once again confirmed by the emotional and heart felt toasts of their best friends. No laugh, tear or gaze will ever fade away from the moments captured in these priceless videos. Their vows and promises are but an expression of something that cannot be expressed otherwise and the Vivid Sight Production team was honored to have had the opportunity to immortalize these magical moments of their lives.

And even though the following days will bring many sunrises or sunsets, none will be the same for Jared and Candace, who will always look back on this day as the dawn of a new life.



Jared and Candace Wedding Day Highlight by Vivid Sight Production from Vivid Sight Production on Vimeo.