LifeNsoul CES 2014 Exhibition highlight in Las Vegas


The Vivid Sight Production team has had the chance to take part in the CES 2014, in an almost surreal environment where companies, inventors and people from all around the world came to show off their progress and breakthroughs. On the CES stage, every year, in Las Vegas, thousands of names advance to the top of consumers’ preference, whereas already consecrated companies such as Microsoft or Sony give insights on what their new accomplishments are, as well as the future trends they are aiming for.

 From audio, automotive and video to wireless and emerging technology, the CES convention is the place to be in order to ensure that your product reaches the consumer, as well as the people who create them. As part of the LifeNsoul exhibition, Vivid Sight have aimed to mark their presence in the prestigious event through a CES videography project. If you did not have a chance to see your favorite company’s new product, find the BN301 Bluetooth Headphones on LifeNsoul displays. As an overview, just think of the fact that this product combines the ease of switching between music and phone calls, a staggering 30 feet radius from the paired device and an innovative stylish design, while also being lightweight. Details aside, LifeNsoul have made themselves noticed in what is the biggest global convention of technology and our team of cinematographers assured their memories will never be forgotten through this video. When it comes to our services, there are offers which include 2 or 3 cinematographers, who will be filming up to 10 hours of your event. After the day is over, the film will be edited by our professionals so that only the best moments remain on your convention videography project. For a reasonable price, you have the opportunity to enjoy your day, focusing on making the best impression you can, while we take care of shooting anything you might consider worth remembering. The standards we use in our editing and filming recommend us as being among the top people in our field, to which we make sure to add the highest degree of involvement, as well as the passion with which we do our work. In the world of audio products, LifeNsoul have established their place at CES 2014 last January and we at Vivid Sight’s Production have been hired to employ our cinematography experience, creativity and skills in order to capture the LifeNsoul CES 2014 exhibition. Should you ever want to capture your presence in various events, our team at Vivid Sight Production is ready to provide you with a professional and artful convention videography offer. There is more to a service than just delivering it. Our passion, dedication and perseverance provides every single completed project with a special trait, a nuance that will surely make the memories of your event stand out from being just high-definition, well filmed scenes. The ability to adapt ourselves to our customer’s needs takes priority, so do not hesitate to contact us for your convention videography needs!