Euphoric Hair Extensions Promo Demo by Vivid Sight Production


Having met by the courtesy of a common web-designer, Vivid Sight Production was recommended to the Euphoric Hair Extension developers for their outstanding cinematography and videography services. The Euphoric Hair extension group has chosen us to provide and create a demo videography project with post-production services included for their product.

The project was filmed at the Divas Xpress salon by two professional videographers who have done their best to capture the main advantages and features of these newly emerging extensions. The audio editing was done on-the-spot and the result of almost four hours of recording and post-production process you now have before your eyes, after thirty days of retouches and careful editing.


Euphoric Hair extensions are some of the best products available on the market, displaying a few perks for women that do not agree with their hair or scalp being affected by extensions. Although this is almost unheard of in the area of professional hair extensions, a specialized hairstylist combines his skills with that of the videographers from Vivid Sight Production in order to show just how easy to use, to wear or to modify the Euphoric Hair extensions are – as the video shows, in just 30 seconds you can put them on!

Whether you want to add volume or length, this is possible with these extensions. You can even dye the hair, although it depends on whether you opt for the human Remy version or the heat-resistant fiber. Furthermore, they recommend that you dye it at a professional salon. From now on you can put your hair extension without having to waste time going to a hair salon or pay exorbitant amounts of money. What’s more, it’s now possible to straighten or curl your extensions or even wash and brush them with the new Euphoric Hair extensions.

The second videography demo shows how you can manage the adjustment of the product by yourself in just minutes from receiving it. The extensions use a simple two knot mechanism on a fishing line that does not prove in anyway uncomfortable for the scalp. If you’re wondering about the product itself, you can either opt for the one made from 100% human Remy hair, which is kept aligned in the same direction and, therefore, tangle free or, for a smaller price, you can acquire the special heat-resistant fiber type, especially recommended if you just want to use it for fun.

The team at Euphoric Hair extensions was pleasantly surprised and satisfied by the final outcome of our work as we put to good use our cinematography and editing skills, as well as our professional approach to the project in order to impress them. We are confident that the resulting videos highlighted only the most essential information about the product, in a proficient and attractive manner.