Christopher Montoya Promo by Vivid Sight Production


Christopher Montoya…if you haven't heard of him, you may have seen his work if you were ever in Vegas.  After being a designer in hair and makeup for the last 31 years.  He has done work for editorials, runways, and television, and describes his career, as having fulfilled "…everything I ever wanted to do at this point in my career."

Every artist that makes an impression does so because they see something that other people don't see.  Christopher Montoya is that kind of artist.  Currently employed at the Tonic Salon in Vegas, Christopher also works for Haze Night Club at the Aria Hotel.

As a hairstylist since he was 17 years old, and a passion for hair as long as he can remember, Christopher lives and breathes his work.  With a personal style choice patterned after the 50's, and his love of taking the "old" and making it "wearable", this is one artist who pursues his passion in every area of his life. 

What's Next

 Now Christopher sees his career moving in a slightly different direction. He would like to design for performing artists.  Not only does Christopher want to work with artists, he is one in his own right.  He gets enjoyment from seeing his work being displayed in real life, through the actions and movements of his subjects.

 Christopher elevates hair and makeup to an art form and he now desires to spend his time just creating.  Like most artist who are thoroughly absorbed with their art, Christopher doesn't just spend his life creating art, but desires, in his own words, to "…live my life in an art-form."

 An art form he certainly is.  With a desire to create something that he believes to be missing in Vegas at this current time, Christopher is seeking to go outside the box to create styles that are innovative and modern and uniquely different from anything else out there.  We think he is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.



 Every artist needs inspiration.  Christopher says that he get inspiration sometimes from simply walking down the street and seeing what people are wearing, and then envisioning how he could take it to the next level.

 He also has some specific people who have inspired him throughout his life: among these are the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, American Bob Mackie, and French designer Thierry Mugler.  This choice of "mentors" or "role-models" shows Montoya's passion for design down through the years, and the ability to bring the spirit of design from the past into the present, and on into the future.  He is certainly a designer to watch.

 The next time you are in Vegas, we encourage you to check out his work.   Anything created by Christopher is sure to be both visually stimulating and as unforgettable as the artist himself.