CITY_NAME Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography

Andrei and Galina Wedding Photography

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Andrei and Galina traveled the world and visited Las Vegas in September 2015 to official declare their commitment and get...

Dima and Nastia Wedding Day

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Dima and Nastia exchanged their vows in front of the friends and family in Las Vegas, NV and started a new chapter of the...

Justin and Sugar Wedding Photography

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Justin and Sugar are an amazing couple that decided to have a unique vintage wedding. The day started at St Peter the Ap...

Sakiya Lanay Photo-Shoot

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Spending a day with our senior Sakiya was a blast ! Her outfits were perfect matching her amazing personality and beauty ...

Katelyn Photo-Shoot

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 A day with Katelyn was an amazing experience ! The photoshoot took place at the famous Red Rock. It was a hot and humid...

Georgina Photo-Shoot

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Meet Georgina, an amazing person that was born and raised in France and moved to Las Vegas. She booked Vivid Sight Produc...

Anuar and Kiyomi Wedding Photography

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Anuar and Kiyomi there a couple with a lot of passion for each other .Their wedding day took place at beautiful resort Ma...

John and Cristina Wedding Photography

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John and Christina is a couple with different culture background but their love for each other brought them together to c...

Vlad and Daria Wedding Photography

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We are very excited to share there wedding because was a day of fun,laugh and lots of love reflecting from our lovely cou...