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Diana & Marshall Destination Wedding Videography

 Please meet this amazing couple from Canada that traveled to Las Vegas for a destination wedding and brought the entire family and friends with them. The wedding was hosted at The Westin lake Las Vegas Resort. An amazing venue with a view to the lake and great service. The person that arrange this destination wedding at Westin is Westin's Event Coordinator: Karli Markovitz Conference & Catering Manager. We hope you enjoy this wedding highlight video that we filmed and edited.
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Frances and Anthony’s Wedding Video in Las Vegas

 Few are those who have the courage of sincerely expressing their feelings towards one another, as they believe there are other, more important matters to be taken care of within a relationship. The highlights of Frances and Anthony’s wedding remind us all of the importance of feelings, loyalty and sincerity when committing to stand by the side of your loved one for the rest of your natural life. In the agitation and commotion of the ever moving city of lights, Las Vegas, there is an oasis where time has stopped, allowing the couple, along with their loved ones, to mark this day as one of the most important in their life. Nothing can disturb the happiness, determination and love which every gaze, touch and smile that Anthony or Frances reflect in every moment of them being together.Please don't hesitate to 
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Jared and Candace Wedding Day Highlight by Vivid Sight Production from Vivid Sight Production on Vimeo.

Jared and Candace Wedding Day Highlights by Vivid Sight Production

The sun rises above the golden sand, marking not only the start of a new day, but of a new life for Jarod and Candace, built on the foundation of the courage and feelings they share. A wedding day is a unique moment for loved ones to share and declare their feelings to one another in front of the world and all the vicissitudes of life. And this was definitely the case for Jarod and Candace, as all their loved ones gathered to share in their emotions and happiness. 

Full with emotions, tears of happiness and lots of fun the wedding was a true celebration, with most supporting friends and family. Vivid Sight Production was honored to provide Photography and Videography service for their wedding day. We are happy to  Share this video with you.

Asher and Diana Wedding Videography by Vivid Sight Production

 As the desert sun set over a late-Spring day, family and guests gathered to celebrate the union of Asher and Diana.
But, in fact, the lasting memories began not long after that sun had risen that day.While makeup artists added slight finishing touches to Diana’s natural beauty, Vivid Sight Productions captured every smile, every twinkle of the eye, and every positive hope for the future by providing 3 videographers in order to create an amazing wedding film.

 Diana’s flowing white gown and bouquet of crisp, white roses seamlessly complemented the black-and-white chessboard tile floor of the venue.The ceremony and reception were held at Meet Las Vegas. While Asher anxiously waited to meet his soon-to-be bride, a slight tremble of the hand was visible.
A nervous but keen expression spread across his face. When, at last, Diana announced her presence, their eyes met, and their happiness lit up the room like a thousand lamps; their impending union heralding a brilliant new chapter in their lives.
A soft purple glow illuminated the ceremony itself. As family and friends danced together and enjoyed themselves, an atmosphere of hope and possibility was present in the room. And as the newlyweds exited into the darkness of the night, it was clear to all that their life together would be nothing short of enchanted.
We are grateful to be selected to provide wedding videography for this amazing couple and we happy to share their wedding film with you.

Elev8 Entertainment Promo by Vivid Sight Production


No social event is complete without the entertainment.  However, if you are not careful about your choice of DJ your dream night can turn into a nightmare.  The value of using a highly professional music and entertainment firm cannot be overstated.  We recently had an experience with a group while providing videography services for a wedding in Las Vegas.  During the wedding and reception that followed, we had the pleasure to meet the crew from Elev8 Entertainment.
Their professionalism and attitude, as well as the quality of their production made such an impression upon us that we wanted to Share their services with you.

We can say from personal experience that this company is a genuine pleasure to work with.  Their attitudes, expertise and flexibility make them a top choice for your DJ/MC needs.  Though located in Las Vegas, they have offices in the Southwest, Northwest and the Northeast.  Give them a call today, or check out their website at

Christopher Montoya Promo by Vivid Sight Production


Christopher Montoya…if you haven't heard of him, you may have seen his work if you were ever in Vegas.  After being a designer in hair and makeup for the last 31 years.  He has done work for editorials, runways, and television, and describes his career, as having fulfilled "…everything I ever wanted to do at this point in my career."

Every artist that makes an impression does so because they see something that other people don't see.  Christopher Montoya is that kind of artist.  Currently employed at the Tonic Salon in Vegas, Christopher also works for Haze Night Club at the Aria Hotel.

As a hairstylist since he was 17 years old, and a passion for hair as long as he can remember, Christopher lives and breathes his work.  With a personal style choice patterned after the 50's, and his love of taking the "old" and making it "wearable", this is one artist who pursues his passion in every area of his life.