Wedding Videography

In your quest to find the perfect Wedding Videographers, please allow us to introduce our Company and describe how we approach wedding videography. We view each wedding event as the wedding event of the year. Our team is formed by 2-3 highly creative wedding videographers. Each videographer has a predefined role in our team and the level of professionalism always pleasantly surprises our clients and surpasses their expectations. We use 3-5 HD cameras and we film from a wide range of perspectives. We film every wedding in High Definition for a clearer, crisp “true life” resolution compared to standard definition video. We use cutting-edge technology and top of the line equipment to film your special day. Vivid Sight Production offers 2 unique packages for your wedding videography needs. Either package can be combined with our wedding photography services in a bundle package if you decide to do so. Unlike other videography services that may offer one or two videographers at most, our wedding videography package will include 2-3 videographers for 8 hours of coverage. The final product will include one 3 minute long film with the highlights of the day. In that film we will include only the best moments of your wedding day. Our amazing packages also include a cinematic documentary film of your wedding day. In the documentary film we include Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Formals, Cocktail Hour, Reception, First Dance, Special Dances, Toasts and Cake Cutting. The length of the cinematic documentary film will depend on the package you select. Our turnaround time for delivery of your treasured memories is 80 to 90 days for the editing, color correction, color grading and other technical processes that go into the production. Also please note that at no additional cost, we will post your final product on our website on a private page that can be accessed by your family and friends.


Wedding Photography

Photography is a very important element to preserve the memory of your wedding day. If you can’t decide in choosing between what is more important for your wedding day documentation; wedding photography or wedding videography, please take our most earnest professional advice into consideration. Both forms of capturing your important day are equally important in their own right, and are by far the best choice you can make in order to capture as many of your magical memories as possible. Our team of wedding photographers will satisfy even the most demanding bride by capturing the best and finest moments of the day. Many services provide a photographer and your expectation is that this photographer will capture every moment that you would hope for him to. The trouble is, there are so many magical moments in a wedding event, it is literally impossible for any photographer to be in more than one place at a time. Missing just one great moment means the loss of that moment for eternity because one photo can tell a thousand words. This is precisely the reason we have one portrait photographer that focuses specifically on the bride and groom and a second photojournalist that focuses on capturing the entire story of the wedding day. Anyone can take a photo these days, but not everyone can take consistently great photographs without missing any of the important moments of your special day. When you hire us you will have the most friendly crew working for you on your very special day. We do not charge per picture and we don't require you to buy a photo album from us. We have 2 packages for you to choose from and the number of photos will vary, depending on what package you select. We will sort and select your best photos, color correct them all, color grade and provide them on a DVD with a custom made cover/label. Also, just like the service we offer for your wedding video, we will post your final product on our website on a private page that can be accessed by your family and friends.


Video Production Services

We are offering our commercial cinematography package to all local businesses in Las Vegas. Today every business wants to send a message to their potential customers in order to create an impression or to introduce a product. After doing significant research we have discovered that small businesses are advertising via social media and on personal websites. Typically the entire content is in the form of text. When marketing a product or service this is not the best solution to attract future customers. In order to attract a new customer, a business must present their product in 30 seconds. By hiring Vivid Sight Production you will have a professional team of cinematographers that will work with your idea and/or script in order to achieve the most efficient video commercial. In your 30 second video we can deliver a message that usually takes an entire web page accomplish. All video capture and mastering is done in High Def digital video format, complete with state of the art, nonlinear video editing capability that separates us from the pack that consists of mainly traditional Videography. In order to achieve the highest level of production our experienced cinematographers films with 3 HD DSLR cameras and we are experts at covering as many angles as possible. We use a wide range of gear that includes sliders, glidecam, monopods, tripods and even a jib for specific projects. One of the most significant details that we don’t take for granted is sound recording. In order to have the finest quality sound possible we use 3 additional sound recording devices. We edit in a range of systems including Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s After Effects. We can output your final video in any video format including AVI, H264, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG4, DIV-ZX, AVCHD, WMV, MOV and a host of other formats. Our standard delivery formats are DVD and/or Blu-Ray.


Las Vegas Senior and Portrait Photography

Every girl wants to have gorgeous photos yet not everyone knows how to pose in order to achieve the goal. Our portrait photographer, Ana Rotaru, understands this fact perfectly since since she herself was a professional model prior to her entrance in the photography field. If you want to have an fun and exciting photo-shoot and receive an amazing collection of photos for your personal or professional use, you’ve come to the right place; Vivid Sight Production. Please don't hesitate to contact us to book your photo-shoot. Our portrait photography package includes a 4 hour photo-shoot with Ana at any of your favorite locations in or around Las Vegas. Our final product will include 25 carefully selected photos that are color graded and stylized by the photo-shoot theme. The photos will be provided on 2 DVD copies with personalized DVD cover and DVD labels. Also please note that we will post you final product on our website on a private page that can be accessed by your family, friends or professional business contacts that may wish to peruse your portfolio.


Our Goal

 We built our team with great Photographers and Videographers with the express goal of taking each individual project and transforming it into art. Even the smallest event that you may have is always an important memory to you, so we always implement the most creative ideas when it comes to capturing and storytelling. Try Vivid Sight Production to meet your photography and videography needs. You won’t be disappointed. 

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